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Year after year, the Maltese archipelago is voted as one of the world’s top 3 diving destinations!

The Gozo Dive Site are supreme. The reasons are simple: great visibility year-round, water temperatures between 15 °C and 28 °C, stunning underwater topography, historical and artificial wrecks, and the vast amount of dive sites around Gozo, Malta, and Comino.

The popularity of diving is emphasized by the fact that most locations are reachable from shore. This is a reason why, especially the Gozo dive sites, are divable all-year-round, even in the middle of winter.

Depending on your experience level, not all of the below dive spots might be suitable, but we take our time to find the best for you! If you have no diving experience yet, we do suggest that you consider getting the first taste of a diving experience while in Gozo.

Which one is becoming your favourite Gozo dive site?

SSI Dive site Map Gozo

Gozo Dive Site Map

About 30 different dive sites can be visited alone from shore. Additionally, we have around 15 dive sites around Gozo and 15 around Comino, which can be reached by boat between May and October.

Whether you are totally new to diving, or you are already an experienced diver, we have something waiting for everyone!

  • Type of Dive: 30+ Shore Dive Sites
  • Level: Beginner to Technical
  • Depth: 5 – 70m+
Gozo Dive Site Ras Il Hobz

Ras Il Hobz

Ras il Hobz or the “Middlefinger“ is one of the most interesting dives in the south. It is a huge pinnacle, going from 9 up to 40+ m. You can dive the pinnacle either from a wall or starting from a shallow bay. The dive site offers breathtaking views, but one needs a good buoyancy skills to dive in the blue.

  • Type of Dive: Shore
  • Level: Beginner to Technical
  • Depth: 6 – 70m+
Gozo Dive Site Crockodile Rock

Crockodile Rock

Crocodile Rock is not only a boat dive site located in Dwejra south from the Blue Hole. It combines a wall dive, going down to 30+ metres with a shallow, 7 m deep plateau with a nice reef. This dive site is suitable even for less experienced divers.

  • Type of Dive: Shore (challenging)
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Depth: 12 – 30m+
Gozo Dive Site Cominoland

MV Cominoland

Cominoland is one of three wrecks scuttled in Xatt l’Ahmar in the south of Gozo. It was an old excursion boat to Comino that was scuttled in August 2006 together with the nearby Karwela wreck. Cominoland is 35 m long and lies at 40 m. It has two decks and offers a lot to explore. For advanced divers.

  • Type of Dive: Shore (ladder)
  • Level: Advanced (Deep) to Technical
  • Depth: 31 – 39m+
Gozo Dive Site MT Hephaestus

MT Hephaestus

The Hephaestus is our newest Gozo dive site. The wreck is an oil tanker that was scuttled to Xatt l-Ahmar on 29.8.2022. She is about 60m in length with a beam of 8m and rests upright on the sandy seabed of about 46m depth. This is a shore/boat dive for experienced divers only.

  • Type of Dive: Shore (ladder)
  • Level: Advanced (Deep) to Technical
  • Depth: 34 – 45m+
Gozo Dive Site MV Karwela

MV Karwela

The MV Karwela Gozo Malta is the most popular wreck here on Gozo. It is an old German-built ferry which was used as an excursion boat around Malta and scuttled in 2006 for divers. It is easy and safe to enter and penetrate the wreck. Furthermore, it has a fantastic staircase, 2 decks to explore with a dark engine room underneath. For experienced divers.

  • Type of Dive: Shore
  • Level: Advanced (Deep) to Technical
  • Depth: 32 – 42m
Gozo Dive Site Blue Hole

Blue Hole

Blue Hole is the most famous Gozo dive site with spectacular underwater landscapes and amazing light effects. Look for the remains of the Azure Window (“Azure Boulders“), the cavern, and a fun chimney and swim-throughs.

  • Type of Dive: Shore
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced (Deep)
  • Depth: 16 – 40m+
Gozo Dive Sites Grouper Reqqa Point

Reqqa Point

Reqqa point is a fantastic dive site for more experienced divers, with a maximum depth of 40 m. It offers a wall dive leading to a rocky shelf at 18 m full of jackfish, moray eels, damsels and many schools of small sardines around. At the bottom of the wall, you may encounter bigger groupers and dentex fish.

  • Type of Dive: Shore (ladder)
  • Level: Intermediate to Technical
  • Depth: 18 – 70m+
Gozo Dive Site Cathedral Cave

Cathedral Cave

Even though called a cave, it is actually a cavern. Surfacing while inside the cave is a must! The water inside Cathedral Cave gives off a magical blue colour. This site is full of fun boulders, swim-throughs and domes to explore. Depth ranges from 15-25 meters and is great for all levels of divers.

  • Type of Dive: Shore (ladder)
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Depth: 12 – 20m+

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