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Diver Medical | Participant Questionnaire

Diver Medical | Participant Questionnaire

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Build it Powerful

Whether you are looking to extend your bottom time, enjoy the thrill of exploring deeper reefs, or gain buoyancy control mastery, SSI’s Extended Range Open Circuit programs provide the technical dive training and experience necessary to begin your new adventure in tech diving Gozo, confidently and safely.
The island of Gozo, less Malta, is the perfect playground to start your technical dive training with deep wrecks, caverns, and other topographical highlights. Check out a selection of the best Gozo Dive Sites.

SSI has an extensive compilation of globally recognized open circuit programs to cater to every diver’s need. Enjoy the benefits of increased gas volume by diving with a twinset. The SSI Extended Range Open-Circuit programs allow you to become a confident tec diver at a pace that works for you. As an SSI advanced diver, you can take an open circuit course that will certify you to dive from 45 meters down to 100 meters safely. Begin your SSI technical diving adventure online today!

If you are looking for the right setup for your technical diving adventures, check out our diving equipment page, especially xDEEP. All products are available upon pre-order, get yours today!

SSI Extended Range Foundations Course

Extended Range Foundations

  • Start to master it

Course Details:

Minimum Age: 16
Prerequisites: 24 logged dives,
Open Water Diver
Dives: 4
Max. Training Depth: 12 m

The SSI Extended Range Foundations program provides you with an opportunity to enhance your advanced diving skills in a workshop environment. Learn more about using tec diving gear with any total diving system you are certified to use and build upon your basic skill set to master buoyancy, trim, finning techniques, positioning, and communication. The Extended Range Foundations program provides supplementary training to existing certifications to increase your confidence and in-water control.

SSI Extended Range Nitrox Diving

Extended Range Nitrox Diving

  • Put your toe in the water of Extended Range diving

Course Details:

Minimum Age: 18
Prerequisites: 24 logged dives, Deep, Nitrox 40
Dives: min. 1+4
Max. Training Depth: 40 m

The SSI Extended Range Nitrox program provides a thorough introduction to the concepts, techniques, and procedures required when planning decompression diving with advanced nitrox. Designed as either a stand-alone program or stepping-stone to become an SSI Extended Range diver, this enriched air diving program provides foundational skills that are the basis for all future technical scuba diving programs.

SSI Extended Range

Extended Range

  • Learn the fundamental principles of decompression diving

Course Details:

Minimum Age: 18
Prerequisites: 50 logged dives, Deep, Nitrox 40
Dives: min. 2+6
Max. Training Depth: 45 m

The SSI Extended Range training program is the core program that all other open-circuit programs build on. This program is the start of your exciting journey to become an accomplished tech diver. Using a twinset configuration, this program prepares you to plan and conduct decompression dives to a maximum depth of 45 meters. You will learn the techniques and procedures for using nitrox mixtures of up to 100% oxygen for accelerated decompression of a maximum of 25 Minutes.

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